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At what age can children use the water flosser?

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    It is generally recognized in the dental industry that children can use water flosser, and there is no conclusion about how old they can use water flosser. A relatively high degree of recognition is that it is recommended that children use water flosser after teeth replacement at the age of five or six.

    water flosser for children

    1. Precautions for children to use water flosser:

    Use the low gear of the water flosser:

    Children’s teeth and gums are in the developing stage. It is recommended to buy a multi-level water flosser. The low-level flushing force is more suitable for children.

    Parent assistance using:

    Mainly for safety reasons, the pressure of electric water flosser is relatively large, and children need the help of parents, and children need to develop the habit of brushing their teeth;

    2. Buying suggestions for children’s water flosser:

    Because children are still in the growth and development period, their bones have not yet been finalized, and their gums and dental pulp are more fragile than adults.

    Therefore, when choosing a water flosser for children, the selected nozzle or spray force should be appropriately weak, so as not to accidentally hurt the teeth.

    In fact, most of the water flossers now can choose the size of the impulse.

    There are four cleaning modes, including regular mode, gentle mode, pulse mode, custom mode.

    Eight gear water pressure adjustment, the water pressure can be adjusted between 10-90PSI.

    Then, the gentle mode + low water pressure will not cause harm to the fragile gums of children!


    children's water flosser
    3. Recommended styles of children’s water flosser:

    At present, Aiwejay’s water flosser on the market is more suitable for children.

    Some, like Aiwejay, have water flossers specially designed for children. In terms of overall appearance design, it is biased towards children, more cartoonish, and based on the preferences of boys and girls, it is available in blue and pink.

    The mode control is simple, there are only two gears: standard and soft. It is very convenient for children to use, and the water tank capacity is very small, so this water flosser is not large in terms of volume, and it is just right for children to hold in their hands. Doesn’t look bulky.

    Summary: Children can use water flosser, and it is recommended to use it after changing teeth at the age of five or six. At the same time, pay attention to the precautions for the use of water flosser

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