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Are electric toothbrushes suitable for gifts? How about sending a father to a boyfriend?

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    Girls should never give gifts the same way over and over again. Electric beard knives, clothes, shoes, and belts are too much. It is better to give men a Weijie smart U3 electric toothbrush, which is super heart-warming.


    electric toothbrush gift 400x312 1
    electric toothbrush gift 400×312 1

    Electric toothbrushes can better help maintain oral health problems. It is a very good choice for gifts and helps him maintain a fresh breath. Moreover, toothbrushes are a must-have item for men. Whenever he uses it, he will think of you. You will feel a sense of happiness. In short, sending an electric toothbrush also means you care about him.

    The editor recommends the following Weijie smart U3 aluminum alloy electric toothbrush electric toothbrush for everyone. Since it is a gift, the choice of electric toothbrush mainly considers several aspects: appearance, function, and cleaning effect.

    U3 electric toothbrush adopts professional appearance design:

    The body material is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. Weijie smart U3 electric toothbrush aluminum alloy metal body adopts a simple design and looks very atmospheric. 3 colors can be chosen at will (red, gold, dark gray), the appearance is more tough and more in line with men’s aesthetics. In addition, Weijie can also provide packaging gift box design services according to personal needs.

    U3 electric toothbrush cleaning effect:

    Weijie smart U3 electric toothbrush, chooses DuPont brushes imported from the United States, copper-free hair planting technology, most of the traditional metal plate hair planting methods used in the market, the planting pores are not completely sealed, and are in direct contact with water and toothpaste for a long time. It is prone to chemical reactions leading to rust. Using this type of toothbrush, the accumulation of heavy metals over time can easily damage human health. The copper-free flocking technology adopted by Weijie can avoid the bacteria generated by metal rust from the root, and make the density of single-hole flocking of the toothbrush higher, and the filaments on the top of the bristles are rounded. In addition, it can achieve IPX7 waterproof effect to meet daily waterproof needs.

    U3 Electric Toothbrush Features:

    Weijie Smart’s U3 electric toothbrush adopts a new type of sonic vibration motor technology. The high-frequency vibration can reach 31,000 times per minute, and the cleaning effect is more powerful. The 4-speed cleaning mode can be freely switched, and the intelligent memory function, 2-minute intelligent brushing timing, can be more Good care for gum health issues.

    Summary: In general, this U3 electric toothbrush is a good choice for men, fathers, and boyfriends. Hurry up and buy this electric toothbrush for your nearest and dearest.

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