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The benefits of using a fully automatic electric toothbrush

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    The benefits of using a fully automatic electric toothbrush

    Efficient cleaning: The brush head used by the fully automatic electric toothbrush can thoroughly clean all teeth at the same time. When the entire surface area of ​​each tooth is brushed, not a single spot is left untouched or cleaned.

    Japanese automatic electric toothbrush

    Save time: Fully automatic toothbrush with U-shaped brush head. At the touch of a button, innovative fully automatic brushing technology effectively cleans all teeth and gums, virtually eliminating the extra time and human error often encountered with traditional brushing methods. You can save about half the brushing time. It is very suitable for young people who have a stressful life.

    Simple and easy to use: The general electric toothbrush has a relatively small brush head and needs to “brush where to brush” to actually brush your teeth, often due to personal habits, it cannot be cleaned in place. Especially children, some only learn to brush their front teeth, and the big teeth inside cannot be cleaned. With fully automatic electric toothbrush technology, all teeth can be easily brushed.

    Toothbrushes have been around for centuries. Electric toothbrushes have also been around for half a century, but their technical principles have barely improved over the past 30 years. The latest fully automatic electric toothbrush has mainly improved the coverage area of ​​the brush head. The common ones are U-shaped brushing, the new technology of brushing back and forth with the upper and lower brush heads.

    Aiwejay Fully Automatic Electric Toothbrush Technology

    Electric toothbrushes change manual toothbrushes from manually pulling the brush head back and forth to using a motor to drive the brush head, rotating or generating sonic vibrations. Humans are still required to hold the handle of the toothbrush. In contrast, fully automatic electric toothbrushes generally do not require hand-holding and brushing back and forth.

    Brushing too hard, not brushing enough time or only once a day, not flossing or changing brushes, and not seeing the dentist are often overlooked issues. However, they have a great impact on oral health and appearance.

    Summary: The above is what is fully automatic electric toothbrush technology? Full text of the benefits of using a fully automatic electric toothbrush. Aiwejay is committed to developing innovative electric toothbrush technology, providing customers with one-stop service for electric toothbrush OEM and ODM services.

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