Children’s smart toothbrush that can play games

1、Children’s smart toothbrush suppliers and manufacturers in china

Aiwejay electric toothbrush is a professional manufacturer of children’s smart toothbrushes. This children’s smart toothbrush C3 is independently designed and produced by our company.

Aiwejay, a Chinese electric toothbrush factory, produces a children’s smart toothbrush that can be connected to a mobile phone APP to brush their teeth while playing games, making children’s teeth brushing fun. This toothbrush is independently developed and manufactured by Aiwejay. We are accepting Electric toothbrush Custom LOGO from partners around the world, please contact us.

Children's smart toothbrush that can play games

2、Children’s fun game brushing technique

The world’s first smart positioning technology APP+Bluetooth
Accurately detect the three faces of a tooth and every action of brushing;

The motion sensing positioning and navigation technology of the intelligent motion recognition sensor module, combined with a high-speed algorithm chip, accurately detects the three faces of a tooth and each tooth brushing action, and senses the touch strength, rotation angle, time, and process, and the brushing report to parents in real time Check and correct wrong tooth brushing habits; guide children to brush their teeth correctly;

Children's Smart Toothbrush-Smart Positioning Technology

Comes with interesting APP animations and games, showing the current brushing position in real time, so that children love to brush their teeth;
The smart wake-up function makes the children’s experience more friendly.


3、children’s Smart toothbrush Product parameter:

Material quality: main body ABS material, DuPont wool, high specification copper-free flocking
Core technology: Intelligent motion recognition sensing technology, APP+Bluetooth wake-up function
Vibration frequency: 31000 times/min
Waterproof level: IPX7 level
Charging voltage: 5V—1A
Rated power: 1W
Charging time: 3 hours Type-c direct charging
Battery capacity: 800mAh
Life time: 30 days of continuous use
4 cleaning modes: cleaning/sensitive/whitening/polishing

The above is all the contents of Children’s smart toothbrush that can play games provided by the Chinese electric toothbrush manufacturer aiwejay.

Check out the details of this interactive toothbrush for children’s games: smart-bluetooth-app-electric-toothbrush-c3.html