Aiwejay a professional automatic u shaped toothbrush manufacturers

children’s u shaped toothbrush OEM, production, and R&D enterprises.Our products have their production lines, and children’s U-shaped product patents, and support a variety of cooperation models include ODM, OEM custom services.

automatic u shaped toothbrush

automatic u shaped toothbrush

OEM for children’s U-shaped toothbrush

1、 Advantage of Children U-shaped Toothbrush OEM OEM

Children U-shaped toothbrush factory OEM direct, independent production machine, independent assembly line.

Every month 500,000 U children toothbrush sufficient production capacity, never afraid of out-of-stock, rapid occupation of the market.

Ten years electric toothbrush industry, new product development, OEM experience, assured reliable.

Children U-shaped toothbrush factory direct sales, spend very little money, produce the best products.

2、 U-shaped toothbrush OEM partner for children, support

Provide U-shaped children toothbrush product original drawing, main drawing, poster drawing, details, and so on;

Provide online shop opening guidance, product knowledge, and sales skills training;

Activities to support the price of products, activities through the need to inform the supplier in advance to prepare goods;

The brand authorization granted by the Company (if not authorized to sell our products, we will not be responsible for follow-up related issues)

3、 U-shaped toothbrush for children – OEM contract manufacturing cooperation

Effect design (pet animal design, customized appearance)
Color customization (blue, yellow, white, gray, exclusive)
Packaging scheme (gift packaging scheme, creative packaging design)
Product assembly (standardization, assembly line)

4、 R&D and design of U-shaped toothbrush for children

u shaped toothbrush custom

u shaped toothbrush custom

Creative ID Industrial Design
New structural design.
Toothbrush circuit design
Making of 3D toothbrush hand board
Manufacture of U-shaped toothbrush mold
Certification of children’s U-shaped toothbrush patent


Children U-shaped toothbrush manufacturers – Shenzhen Weijie Intelligent Technology, committed to research and development, high cost-effective, high performance, stability, the innovative appearance of children U-shaped toothbrush, welcome to large brands of OEM OEM OEM.

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