Having a good toothbrush is an effective way to protect your teeth, while incorrect brushing methods and habits are often easy to cause tooth problems. The emergence of electric toothbrush APP can effectively improve people’s habit of brushing teeth, better use of electric toothbrush benefits. Aiwejay is a leading manufacturer of electric toothbrushes. Electric toothbrush OEM industry for the first time, the industry’s APP development and customization solutions.

I. Electric toothbrush APP development is the integration of software and hardware


Electric toothbrush APP development

Aiwejay for Bluetooth chips, WIFI chips, can provide, the development of their APP services.

Aiwejay support: Intelligent electric toothbrush hardware and software design, provide the chip

Function development: support the brand background API access, wireless charging, intelligent gravity sensor, real-time automatic adjustment brushing strength, protect teeth from harm, give you intelligent brushing experience. 30-Second Brush Stop Reminder, 31000 vibrations per minute. Smart chip, energy saving, excellent performance, intelligent APP, scientific brushing teeth, protect the health of teeth.

II、 Electric toothbrush APP customization, electric toothbrush solution

Support mainstream Apple IOS system, Android system, customer APP OEM.

Electric toothbrushes have APP benefits
Can help clean teeth more effectively
The ordinary toothbrush can only help the teeth to clean superficially, but an electric toothbrush can plan the solution for the user according to the condition of the teeth and oral cavity of the user. Also, users can adjust the oral cleaning program on the APP at any time according to their oral conditions, so that users can brush their teeth easily.

Development of electric toothbrush app for children
III、 APP development steps for electric toothbrush (use of Aiwejay API can be ignored)

1、 Demand Analysis of Electric Toothbrush APP Company:

Understand the business goals of the client company or the software maker, determine the direction of the other party’s brand establishment by investigating the user’s needs, and make relevant reports by analyzing the competitive products, and make summary data reports together with the collected historical data. Select some users to experience the software, collect the user habit report and user experience report, and finally produce the requirements document.

2、 Determine the APP partnership:

Through communication with customers to determine the specific functional requirements of the APP, the two sides signed the relevant documents to determine the cooperation relationship.

3、 Prototype design of electric toothbrush APP software:

Start the project of the prototype design, draw the flow chart, make, review and modify the prototype, and finally determine the interaction plan, interaction mode, modify the review, and the end-user test the project.

4、 Design and development of app interface of electric toothbrush:

Brainstorming the right solution and design concept through customer requirements, identifying page style, determining the overall interface layout, key cross-section design, text, and other design, GUI review, and finalizing the final solution to the next process.

5、 Development of electric toothbrush APP software:

First, the app develops the code of the big function module and the approximate interface module. Second, the approximate demo comes out after connecting the main interface and function. Third, the demo tries and experiences several times by itself and then modifies it according to the situation. Next, the 0.9 version can try to find the beta user after there are no big mistakes. Then, according to the feedback of the test user, repeat the 7-9 steps. Finally, the UI element is added after the app is developed. Repeat testing without error after uploading the software platform.

6、 Publish APP applications and conduct tracking and monitoring:

After the release of the information, the user manipulates the data, simultaneously detects the information of each feedback channel, and then filters the data and submits the inspection report to the user.


Electric toothbrush APP development
IV、 Electric toothbrush APP has a bright future

Electric toothbrush APP development is not only to help people understand their oral APP, but also let people keep abreast of their brushing progress, and according to the current development trend, electric toothbrush APP still has a certain development prospect, in the future may be widely used.

Above, Aiwejay introduces the development, customization, and related technical solutions of the Electric Toothbrush APP. Besides, Aiwejay’s Electric Toothbrush APP supports multiple languages and countries around the world. Consult customer service for details.