Electric Toothbrush Dealer Cases

We have been in business for over 15 years, and we have the experience you need to ensure your new product launch is successful.

We’ve partnered with hundreds of companies around the world, helping them develop and sell world-class products. We provide customized one-stop turnkey solutions for electric toothbrushes and irrigators.

UW01 Sterilization Electric Toothbrush 3

South Korea customer OEM Sterilization Electric Toothbrush UW01

In South Korea, the UW01 sterilizing electric toothbrush purchased from a supermarket is a hot seller in Korea and is suitable for home and travel use.

DF1 Automatic Brushing Toothbrush 2

American customer ODM automatic electric toothbrush

American customers, according to the customer’s design drawings, adopt the ODM cooperation method, and jointly develop the fully automatic toothbrush with Aiwejay, and sell it on Shopify.

C1 Childrens Electric Toothbrush 2

Malaysia Customer Oem Children's Toothbrush

Malaysia Children’s Dental Clinic, cooperation method: OEM Our children’s electric toothbrush C1, the cartoon appearance is welcomed by children who come to the clinic to see their teeth. and praise.

ML 04 U4 Sonic Electric Toothbrush 3

UK customer OEM wireless charging electric toothbrush

U.K.Customers, OEM OEM production, the cost-effective electric toothbrush U4, opened up the European offline market, and was welcomed by consumers.

S5 Sonic Electric Toothbrush 3

Indian Customer Custom Electric ToothbrushS5 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

The customer is a big company in India, and they are looking for a design of the children’s electric toothbrush. The customer wants it to be colorful, with Indian themes, and they have given us a lot of references.

TD01 Ultraviolet Sterilization Toothbrush 2

Japanese Customer Customized UV Sterilization Electric Toothbrush

Japan customers, ODM contract, designed ultraviolet sterilizing electric toothbrush, black technology products, offline channels, and online sales.

1.Target Market: Our electric toothbrushes and water flossers have been sold to customers in America, Europe, India, Australia, Southeast Asia, and Korea and Japan!

2.Values: We believe in improving the oral health of people around the world through aiwejay high-quality oral products.Partner with us on electric toothbrush projects that can achieve your sales goals and profits.

3.Competitive Prices and Quality: Aiwejay® is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

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