Many friends asked us whether electric toothbrushes head should be round or long heads, and how to choose a brush head? Here we first understand what kind of electric toothbrush is a round head and what is a long head.

Electric toothbrush head factory

Electric toothbrush head factory

The round head refers to a mechanically rotating electric toothbrush, and the long head refers to a sonic electric toothbrush. At present, sonic toothbrushes and rotary electric toothbrushes are the two main categories sold in the market. Many consumers don’t know which type of electric toothbrush is better. The following Weijie Smart will give you an analysis of which brush head is better. Let’s analyze the round and long brush heads.

1. Cleaning principle of round head and long head

The rotating electric toothbrush is mainly operated by the internal toothbrush motor, and the circular toothbrush head is driven by the drive shaft to rotate left and right to clean the teeth. Therefore, the electric toothbrush uses a circular brush head. Its working principle is relatively simple. Compared with manual tooth brushing, The friction of the teeth is stronger. Sonic electric toothbrush is the high-frequency vibration of the built-in magnetic levitation motion of the body, which causes the brush head to produce high-frequency vibration perpendicular to the direction of the handle, but the oscillation amplitude is small, generally 5 mm up and down, so the brush head will use a long strip. The swinging high-frequency brush head can clean the teeth. At the same time, the high-frequency vibration will immediately decompose the toothpaste into fine foam, and the super-cleaning power of the water flow is generated by the vibration, so as to achieve a comprehensive cleaning of the oral cavity.

Electric toothbrush factory

Electric toothbrush factory

Electric toothbrush with long brush head

2. Comparison of cleaning effect between round head and long head

The round-head rotating electric toothbrush adopts the rotating cleaning method. The rotating electric toothbrush has a greater cleaning power on the surface of the teeth. However, due to the high electrical resistance, the friction between the enamel and the gums is relatively large, and long-term use will cause teeth Wear. In addition, rotating electric toothbrushes are difficult to clean in certain oral blind areas such as posterior molars and deep interdental teeth. In the past, due to insufficient cleaning, it was easy to cause dental plaque to accumulate and multiply, which caused various problems with oral problems.

The long-head sonic vibrating electric toothbrush is mainly based on the super fluid cleaning power caused by vibration to deeply clean the oral cavity. High-frequency vibrations will cause the mixture of toothpaste and water in the mouth to produce a large number of small bubbles, and the pressure generated by the bursting of the bubbles will penetrate the teeth. The joint cleaning dirt can effectively remove plaque in each blind area, and the cleaning process will not gradually wear the teeth or damage the gums, thereby providing a more comfortable oral cleaning experience.

3. Which is better for an electric toothbrush with round head or long head?

The biggest advantage of the round head rotating electric toothbrush is its low price. The long-head sonic electric toothbrush has a good cleaning effect, undoubtedly has a huge advantage, and is a better choice for many consumers. Therefore, it is better to choose a long-head electric toothbrush.