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electric toothbrush heads universal? Please do not buy wrong

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    Ordinary toothbrushes need to be replaced after a period of use, and the heads of electric toothbrushes also need to be replaced frequently. So, are the electric toothbrush heads universal? Aiwejay reminds friends that different types of electric toothbrushes have different brush heads, so please don’t buy it by mistake.

    Aiwejay electric toothbrush head

    Are electric toothbrush heads universal?

    Generally not universal. Electric toothbrushes of lesser brands are suitable for different toothbrush heads. Different brands will be distinguished by model. Different types of brush heads cannot be used universally. Even brush heads of the same brand are not universal. When buying brush heads, you must buy brush heads according to the model. Try to buy brush heads of the same model. . If there are other types of brush heads at home, you can see if they are installed, and you can use them if they are installed.

    Different types of brush heads are not universal

    Electric toothbrush heads cannot be used in common between different brands. Because the models of electric toothbrushes of different brands are different, the toothbrush heads are also different and naturally cannot match. Moreover, different models of the same brand cannot be used in common. For example, the brush heads between Aiwejay S1 and U4 series are not common, and Aiwejay U6 also has special brush heads.

    Electric toothbrush heads are different for adults and children

    Electric toothbrushes can be used for adults or children, and different brush heads cannot be used universally. For example, Aiwejay children’s electric toothbrushes have special brush heads for children, which are smaller than adults. Children’s electric toothbrushes generally use soft bristles to prevent damage to the teeth.

    The bristles of adult electric toothbrushes are relatively hard and not suitable for children. Therefore, you must pay attention when purchasing.

    Children's soft bristles toothbrush head

    The benefits of using an electric toothbrush to brush your teeth

    Compared with ordinary toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes are more scientific and effective, can remove dental plaque more thoroughly, reduce gingivitis and gum bleeding, and are also popular daily necessities in many European and American countries.

    The electric toothbrush rotates quickly to generate high-frequency vibrations in the brush head, which instantly decomposes the toothpaste into fine foams to clean the teeth deeply; at the same time, the trembling of the bristles can promote the blood circulation of the oral cavity, which has an unexpected massage effect on the gum tissue. .


    The clear answer is that electric toothbrush heads are not universal. I hope that friends will buy adapter heads for electric toothbrushes and take care to avoid making mistakes. If you want to get a cheap and easy-to-use electric toothbrush, please contact Aiwejay.

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