Electric toothbrushes have gradually become one of the important choices when people brush their teeth. Many brand manufacturers are also actively involved in this field. All home appliance manufacturers and intelligent hardware manufacturers are building and promoting the brand of electric toothbrushes.


However, domestic manufacturers of electric toothbrush production are limited. As a brand manufacturer, when looking for a partner, the following factors should be considered.

First, we must first look at the strength of the manufacturers. Whether there is comprehensive ability of R&D and production, or a single enterprise that carries out OEM work, because electric toothbrush is not a standard part, it needs to be customized in design, function design and customization. A single electric toothbrush production factory can not provide these perfect services. Shenzhen Weijie Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional electric toothbrush research and development, production and sales integrated enterprise, able to provide customers with a full range of product services, technology, technology, Quality and production are guaranteed.

Second, it depends on the after-sales service capabilities of the manufacturers. The cooperation of electric toothbrushes is not only produced, but the logistics and after-sales service are very important. Weijie Smart has cooperated with many logistics companies all over the world, and the products are sent to all countries and regions in the world. At the same time, in terms of after-sales service, we can provide services such as replacement or repair, so that partners can be more assured.

Weijie Smart focuses on the development, production and sales of oral toothbrushes with mature technology, excellent production and quality management capabilities. It is your trusted electric toothbrush manufacturer, supplier and strategic partner.

With independent intellectual property rights, the world’s leading electric toothbrush technology – Weijie Smart, providing ODM / OEM cooperation.