As the world’s leading brand company of electric toothbrush, Philips has taken the lead in using copper-free hair implant technology for its electric toothbrush in recent years. Since then, many international electric toothbrush manufacturers have begun to use copper-free hair implant technology. In domestic brands, electric toothbrush brands such as goldfish and millet also began to gradually use copper-free hair brush head.


Compared with ordinary toothbrushes, the advantage of copper-free hair grafting technology is that the brush is fixed on the brush head by hot-melt technology. Compared with the way of fixing the brush with metal sheet, the brush without copper sheet is more stable and avoids the risk of oral injury caused by metal sheet oxidation.

Electric toothbrush itself is recognized by consumers because of its higher cleanliness and less oral injury. If it still uses metal sheets to fix the brush, its cleanliness and health will be discounted.

For the consumers who use ordinary toothbrushes, there is a price difference of tens of yuan between the toothbrushes with copper sheet and those without copper sheet, which will make consumers feel the price difference is very big. But for consumers of electric toothbrushes, the cost of brush head increases by dozens in the overall proportion is not too large.

Therefore, some experts believe that in the future, with the reduction of cost, the technology of copper-free wool planting will replace the technology of copper-based wool planting, especially in the field of electric toothbrush, will be rapidly promoted.