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Kids Smart Electric toothbrush development solution-Aiwejay

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    Aiwejay has developed a Kids Smart Electric toothbrush. It also has the function of Bluetooth connection to the mobile phone APP.

    You can record the time and duration of brushing your teeth every day, and synchronize them to the calendar, allowing you to easily grasp the child’s brushing situation. The animated characters in the APP can guide kids to brush their teeth correctly. After brushing their teeth every day, they will receive small gifts as positive incentives.

    Children’s Smart Electric Toothbrush
    APP animation characters guides kids to brush their teeth


    Now, many electric toothbrush brands have electric toothbrushes specially designed for kids.Aiwejay are one of the top electric toothbrush manufacturers in China, and can help you  brands their own electric toothbrushes.

    、Aiwejay kids smart electric toothbrush program introduction

    With the advent of the intelligent age, many parents will choose electric toothbrushes for their kids, but many parents do not know whether it is beneficial to their kids teeth cleaning and development. kids smart electric toothbrush is a kind of toothbrush invented. Through the rapid rotation or vibration of the motor core, the brush head generates high-frequency vibration, which instantly decomposes toothpaste into the fine foam to clean the teeth deeply.

    At the same time, the vibration of the bristles can promote blood circulation in the mouth has a massage effect on the gum tissue. The kids smart electric toothbrush APP automatically monitors the user’s toothbrushing area through built-in sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer, and feedbacks the current brushing position in real-time. Smart toothbrushes can not only help dentists pay attention to kids dental health, and allow kids to develop scientific tooth brushing habits. At the same time, for patients who have undergone dental surgery, it can even recommend the most effective vibration method based on the current oral conditions.

    Smart Toothbrush APP to collect data
    Smart Toothbrush APP to collect data

    Ⅱ、the advantages of kids smart electric toothbrush program


    kids smart electric toothbrush has high-frequency vibration frequency and sound wave function, and can automatically analyze the user’s brushing habits through the built-in sensor. It can record relevant brushing data every time you brush your teeth, and can transmit the data to the smartphone, To display all collected data through a dedicated mobile APP;

    1. Cleaning ability

    Ordinary toothbrushes are difficult to completely remove the baby’s plaque. If the method of brushing is not correct, the strength of cleaning the mouth and teeth will be reduced. Experiments by dental experts have proved that electric toothbrushes can remove 38% more plaque than ordinary toothbrushes, which is beneficial to a baby’s teeth and oral health.

    1. Comfortable feeling

    Incorrect brushing methods will make the baby feel uncomfortable and resist brushing. The electric toothbrush generates vibration through high-speed rotation, which can promote the blood circulation of the baby’s oral cavity and massage the baby’s gum tissue, allowing the baby to have an unparalleled new experience of brushing and enjoy life.

    1. Have fun

    It is a headache for most parents that babies don’t like to brush their teeth. Electric toothbrushes are large, cute cartoon in appearance, and lively and interesting. They can effectively promote the interest of the baby in brushing teeth, and also let the baby experience a pleasant and comfortable brushing experience, which makes the baby truly fall in love. Brush your teeth.

    1. Reduce damage

    In the process of using ordinary toothbrushes, because the baby is not proficient in operation, it is easy to cause damage to the baby’s mouth and teeth. Incorrect see-saw horizontal brushing will cause damage to the baby’s teeth and gums. The design of kids smart electric toothbrushes This is well avoided.

    Smart toothbrush brushing teeth whiter
    Smart toothbrush brushing teeth whiter
    1. Whitening and beautiful

    Compared with ordinary toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes can effectively reduce the tooth stains caused by the baby’s bad oral conditions and restore the original color of the baby’s teeth. Gradually improve, will not cause damage to the baby’s teeth and oral health itself, gentle and non-irritating high-quality care for the baby’s teeth.

    1. Easy to use

    kids smart electric toothbrush can guarantee the baby’s brushing time and the standard of brushing action and has a good effect on the health effect of the baby’s teeth. The ergonomic design meets the baby’s own needs, is convenient and quick to use, and helps to nurture the baby’s health habits.


    Ⅲ、kids smart electric toothbrush program function

    brushing teaching games
    brushing teaching games

    kids smart electric toothbrush, through three modules of real-time intelligent voice + high-precision sensor algorithm + growth index analysis, as well as brushing teaching games. With its own independent voice + high-fidelity speaker system, you can synchronize your baby’s brushing posture without relying on your mobile phone, and it can also allow your baby to develop a correct and fond habit of brushing teeth in joy.

    1. Connect the smart toothbrush with the mobile phone APP via Bluetooth, synchronize the brushing data and status to the mobile phone, and learn the brushing data in real-time.


    1. The mobile APP animation displays the current brushing area and status, prompts the user whether the current brushing action is by the norms, and guides the user to perform the correct operation.


    1. Adopt the voice broadcast prompt function to facilitate the user to understand the specific status of each area of ​​the current tooth brushing.


    1. The brushing history is stored in the mobile phone, so you can keep track of the history of brushing at any time, which is convenient for parents to supervise the child’s brushing process and results.


    1. The brushing time and brushing preferences can be customized to meet different needs.


    1. The system analyzes the user’s toothbrushing behavior and habits based on historical records, and gives reasonable suggestions or prompts to the user.


    1. When the toothbrush is not connected to the mobile phone, the brushing data is stored in the toothbrush. Once the user connects to the mobile phone, the data will be uploaded to the mobile phone.


    1. The toothbrush is designed with low power consumption, and it can be used for more than 1 month when it is fully charged according to the daily brushing frequency.


    1. Optional ultrasonic vibration function.


    1. Optional wireless charging function.


    Ⅳ、the development of kids smart electric toothbrush APP


    kids Smart Electric Toothbrush is a kind of protection for dental health. This APP is a companion APP for smart toothbrushes. It can record data such as brushing time, comprehensively evaluate the brushing situation, and customize the brushing mode and time, so that you can have a healthy, beautiful, and white mouth. The teeth can be synchronized with the toothbrush data to record the daily brushing situation, and can also remind you to replace the brush head, which is very smart and convenient.

    Tooth brushing data record
    Tooth brushing data record
    1. Tooth brushing record: record the information of each tooth, integrate relevant data such as tooth brushing cycle, regularity, quality, etc., automatically analyze the user’s tooth brushing habits, and display the user’s tooth brushing situation on the smartphone in a more intuitive way, and support Offline mode;


    1. Intelligent brushing mode: According to the different brushing habits of each person, the user can choose a variety of recommended brushing modes, such as day, night, whitening, cleaning, gentle mode, etc.;


    1. Interactive games: APP has a built-in mini-games and goal achievement system, allowing kidsto experience the game while brushing their teeth and earn corresponding points. Users who accumulate certain points can redeem gifts in the points store. The more they brush their teeth, the higher the points, and even generate. Leaderboard, through the leaderboard, to encourage kidsto develop the habit of actively brushing their teeth;


    1. Set tooth brushing plan: It can help users set tooth brushing plans, arrange schedules, contact dentist and customize dental care plans. Users can formulate toothbrushing plans according to their needs and synchronize them to the toothbrush, helping users develop better toothbrushing habits.


    1. Oral care: Users build their dental database through the APP, choose an oral care plan that suits them according to the oral situation, and even contact clinics and dentists to record their opinions.


    Ⅴ、kids smart electric toothbrush program features


    kids intelligent electric toothbrush adopts intelligent linear frequency conversion technology and professional sonic toothbrush technology, which can accurately and intelligently identify the age of the baby, match the rhythm and sonic hertz felt when brushing teeth according to the baby’s age, and switch linearly in real-time to the sonic wave suitable for the baby’s current stage Frequency so that the baby can hear new brushing rhymes every day.

       1.Three-level strength design to meet different needs

    In terms of brushing strength, we have designed three gears to meet the needs of kids of different ages and different oral conditions for appropriate selection. The switch button of the toothbrush base is the same as the gear adjustment button, which is more convenient to operate. At the same time, the product is equipped with 2 toothbrush heads with different hardness, which is convenient for choosing according to the kids’s teeth. Using silicone bristles ‌Reduces gum damage.

       2.Automatic memory + automatic timing to ensure every effect
    Kids smart electric toothbrush with timer
    Kids smart electric toothbrush with timer

    After adjusting the gear of the toothbrush for the first time, the toothbrush will automatically memorize the strength of the gear. When it is used again, there is no need to adjust the strength of the gear again. The toothbrush automatically sets the brushing time to 55 seconds and stops automatically after 55 seconds of cleaning. Ensure sufficient cleaning time.

       3.Timely disinfection and healthier

    The toothbrush charging base is equipped with a disinfection lamp, which can be disinfected while charging, ensuring the hygiene of oral products.


       4.Fun and health are not separated

    The toothbrush body adds a cartoon silicone protective sheath to the outside of the machine, which increases the fun and attractiveness while increasing the slip resistance. The cartoon sleeve can be removed, washed, and replaced to ensure the hygiene of the toothbrush body.


    Ⅵ、the working principle of kids smart electric toothbrush


    The working principle of kids smart electric toothbrush is that the motor drives the round brush head to rotate, which strengthens the friction effect while performing ordinary brushing actions. The rotating toothbrush is noisy, cleans the tooth surface, and cleans the teeth relatively weakly. Long-term use is not recommended due to large wear and tear. The vibration type toothbrush is more complicated and more expensive in terms of price.

    kids smart electric toothbrushes use the cavitation effect of ultrasonic energy in the periodontal to remove periodontal germs and impurities, and their cleaning range can cover all parts of the periodontal. Ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the surface of the teeth and gums through the bristles of the brush head. On the one hand, it loosens the adhesion of plaque, tartar, and small tartar to the teeth, destroying the parasitic propagation of bacteria in the gum pockets and hiding places on the tooth surface. At the same time, the ultrasonic energy transferred to the surface of the gums through the bristles that touch the gums further penetrates the gums, and after acting on the cell membranes, it accelerates blood circulation and promotes metabolism.

    Ⅶ、kids smart electric toothbrush composition structure


    kids smart electric toothbrush is composed of dry batteries and micro DC motors, as well as a battery box, toothbrush head, metal guard plate, and sleeve.

    The dry battery as the power source of the DC motor is installed in the battery box together with the DC motor, and the battery box is provided with a manual switch for controlling the on and off of the power supply of the DC motor. The rotating shaft of the DC motor protrudes out of the battery box, the toothbrush head and the metal protective plate are sleeved on the rotating shaft of the DC motor, and there is a sleeve outside the toothbrush head and the metal protective plate. The intelligent electric toothbrush is equipped with different types of toothbrush heads, which can be suitable for various users.

    This toothbrush contains a nine-axis motion sensor, which can detect every movement of the brush head, such as touch, intensity, rotation angle, time, etc., and transmit these data to the somatosensory game of the mobile APP through Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Thereby interacting. In the game, there will be different little monsters appearing in different positions of the teeth. kids need to control the game to “play monsters” on each tooth.


    Ⅷ、 How to use kids smart electric toothbrush


    Many people use electric toothbrushes. Generally speaking, the cleaning effect of electric toothbrushes is better than brushing their teeth manually, and it is more efficient, so many people like to use electric toothbrushes. Some mothers are considering whether to buy electric toothbrushes for their kids. According to the editor of Aiwejay technology, they can buy them. Electric toothbrushes are helpful to the health of their kids teeth.

    The first step: Install the electric toothbrushes brush head, and put the brush head into the toothbrush shaft only until the brush head is buckled with the metal shaft;

    Step 2: Use warm water to adjust the softness of the bristles. Warm water, soft; cold water, moderate; ice water, slightly hard. It is strongly recommended for first-time users to soak in warm water (below 40°C) before using it.

    Step 3: After the brush head is wet, apply toothpaste on the bristles. Align the toothpaste vertically at the center of the bristles and squeeze in an appropriate amount of toothpaste. The amount of toothpaste used should be the same as when using a traditional toothbrush. Don’t reduce the amount of toothpaste used because the toothbrush head becomes smaller. To avoid toothpaste splashing, it is best to squeeze toothpaste before turning on the power.

    Step 4: Brush each tooth carefully, don’t miss it, pay special attention to the junction between the teeth and the gums. When brushing your teeth, insert the brush head from the thinnest front teeth. Put the teeth in the middle of the bristles and pull them back and forth with moderate force. After the toothpaste foams, turn on the electric switch. After the brush head vibrates, use moderate force and move back and forth from the front teeth to the back teeth to clean all the teeth.

    Step 5: After you have cleaned each tooth and gum line, turn off the electric toothbrush. Remember to turn off the electric toothbrush in your mouth, otherwise, you may splash water.

    Finally, rinse the electric toothbrush and place it on the charger.

    kids smart electric toothbrushes
    kids smart electric toothbrushes by aiwejay

    Ⅸ、Development prospects of kids smart electric toothbrushes

    Toothbrushes are daily necessities for tooth cleaning. With the development of technology, traditional toothbrushes have been gradually replaced by electric toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes are new products that have emerged in recent years and have set off a revolution in the field of oral health care around the world.

    Oral diseases are one of the most prevalent non-communicable diseases worldwide, affecting nearly 50% of the global population, with tooth decay being the most common of them. Tooth decay affects nearly 2.4 billion individuals with permanent teeth while more than 480 million children with decay of primary teeth.

    U.S. electric toothbrush market size, by end use,2015-2026(USD Billion)
    U.S. electric toothbrush market size, by end use,2015-2026(USD Billion)

    Reference data:https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/electric-toothbrush-market

    Compared with ordinary toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes are more scientific and effective for a baby’s teeth and oral health. kids smart electric toothbrushes can more thoroughly remove plaque and reduce the baby’s gingivitis and gum bleeding.

    According to a study by the World Health Organization, most people need oral health education, and the easiest to educate is kids. Studies have shown that kids will only learn to brush their teeth correctly at around seven or eight years old. This is a critical period for developing tooth brushing habits and good oral health habits. Therefore, a smart toothbrush that can guide kids to brush their teeth will undoubtedly have a large market.


    Aiwejay- is a professional electric toothbrushes manufacturer in China. It has a strong development strength in smart children’s electric toothbrushes. If you are looking for an electric toothbrush manufacturer, Welcome to find us to produce Private label electric toothbrushes,CONTACT-US

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