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Malaysian importer,Visits china electric toothbrush factory-Aiwejay

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    Are you still worried about finding a reliable electric toothbrush factory? Welcome to visit our electric toothbrush factory in China

    On February 20, the second day after the start of construction, Aiwejay welcomed its first guest after the 2021 Chinese New Year-Malaysian home appliance brand CEO Benny.

    Benny,Mr. Shi,Mr. Liu
    Benny,Aiwejay CEO Mr. Shi,Mr. Liu


    Aiwejay CEO Mr. Shi, the person in charge of supply chain Mr. Liu, and the overseas trade manager Fielding expressed a warm welcome to the customer’s visit from thousands of miles away on behalf of the company. Accompanied by Mr. Shi personally, Benny and his party visited the research and development, testing, We are very satisfied with the company’s production workshops, laboratories and testing equipment in many aspects such as assembly.


    In the meeting room of Aiwejay, Benny and his party also carefully reviewed our company’s electric toothbrush production and export related qualifications. During the period, the two parties had a detailed exchange on the ODM cooperation process of electric toothbrushes, focusing on the product design and quality inspection links.


    In addition, the two parties conducted in-depth discussions on the future business model. It is reported that Benny’s company is one of Malaysia’s largest home appliance companies. The strategic foresight made Benny boldly target the ascendant electric toothbrush market.

    Throughout the visit and inspection process, the two parties communicated in a harmonious atmosphere. Aiwejay has won the high recognition of Benny and his team with high-quality electric toothbrush production standards, standardized production processes, strict quality management systems and strong product development capabilities. Thinking has also benefited the people of Aiwejay. At present, the two parties have reached a preliminary cooperation intention.

    Visit the electric toothbrush production line

    As Aiwejay’s customers continue to expand, products are sold globally, and customers’ requirements for orders are getting higher and higher. Aiwejay “continues to innovate, makes life smarter”, deeply focuses on the development and production of electric toothbrushes, and is committed to providing customers with better quality We are striving unremittingly for our services and more satisfactory oral care products. We look forward to sincere cooperation with more great companies!

    Here, we welcome Benny’s visit again, and at the same time, we welcome friends from all over the world to contact us and visit our electric toothbrush factory. I believe it will surprise you.

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