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Mini portable Water Flosser review, The Best Travel Water Flosser of 2021

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    More and more people are concerned about the health of the oral cavity. The places where we can’t brush our toothbrushes and the food residues left when we eat can all be solved with a toothbrush. If it is not cleaned up, it may breed bacteria and affect oral health. It may also cause bad breath or even tooth decay. Aiwejay-Mini portable Water Flosser is a small Water Flosser that can be placed in your pocket, Aiwejay-Mini portable Water Flosser is a small Water Flosser that can be placed in your pocket, The Best Travel Water Flosser of 2021,Mini portable Water Flosser review.

    Water Flosser W06

    1. Detailed review of Aiwejay-Mini portable-flushing device

    Aiwejay-Mini portable Water Flosser is different from xiaomi sonic electric toothbrush. The size and shape are completely different. I only understand it after getting it. In fact, Water Flosser and electric toothbrush are not the same kind of products. Its role is more in depth. Deal with places where dirt and dirt are contained, such as under the gums, inside teeth, between teeth, etc…. It is more suitable for oral cleaning and care products used in the morning and evening after brushing your teeth, after eating, and before meeting.

    The actual size of the Water Flosser is not small. For girls with small hands, the grip is still a bit large. Compared with other independent water tank products, it is relatively small, but I personally feel that it is not a mini .

    The whole machine is divided into two parts, the upper part is the nozzle plug and the nozzle storage bin. Comes with 2 plastic nozzles, one can be stored in the body, and there is a nozzle button on the left side to lock the nozzle. There is also a Micro USB charging hole with a waterproof silicone plug on the right side. This one has a built-in 1500 mAh battery. The charging time is about 4 hours. It can be fully charged for one month and is equipped with a charging cable.

    pocket Water Flosser W06

    The lower part is the water tank, and the water tank cover with the water injection port is underneath, and the usage steps are marked. The bottom is the product parameters, voltage 5V, power 8W, support IPX7 waterproof.

    At the top is a water outlet and a nozzle storage bin with 360-degree rotating opening and closing, which keeps the nozzle hygienic and is convenient to carry out. Standard universal nozzle: cleaning teeth, used for daily cleaning of residues between teeth. The installation and disassembly of the nozzle is simple to take out the storage bin and install it into the nozzle socket. Hold down the nozzle button for a long time during disassembly, gently pull out the nozzle, and put it in the storage bin. It should be noted that during operation, do not press the nozzle pressure switch.

    The water storage method is quite unique. It is mainly portable. The water tank is retractable. Pull it down to the marked line, place the flusher flat up and fill it with water, and close the water tank cover tightly. Note here that when you pull the water tank, you must open the water tank cover, otherwise the water tank in a sealed state cannot be pulled out.

    IPX7 waterproof design

    I found the switch button on the inner side of the fuselage, and you can see that there are 3 indicator lights. Press the switch button and the LDE light is on. Press continuously within 5 seconds to switch modes: normal (clean food residues daily), gentle (sensitive/novice) Use), pulse (to clean tenacious residues), start from the gentle mode for the first experience, and gradually strengthen according to personal fitness. Moreover, the tooth punch has a mode memory function, which automatically jumps to the memorized mode when it is turned on next time.

    After use, turn off the power, open the water tank, pour out the remaining water in the water tank, push from the bottom to the top, and close the water tank cover. The whole machine adopts IPX7 waterproof design and can be cleaned directly under the tap. It can be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in detergent. Wipe dry the moisture of the body and put it in a dry place or put it in a storage bag. The nozzle is replaced every 6 months. If the tip is deformed, it should be replaced in time. The internal straw can also be removed for cleaning. The water storage tank is detachable and can be cleaned once a week.

    Put the Water Flosser into the backpack

    2. Suitable for people who use Water Flossers

    Finally, let’s talk about the pros and cons. Aiwejay-Mini portable Water Flosser is suitable for 6 special groups. The compact and retractable design is easy to carry and has sufficient battery life. It can be used anytime, anywhere after a business trip, travel, or work, keeping the oral cavity clean at all times. , To minimize the damage to the oral cavity caused by food residues.

    There are still some problems worthy of optimization. The switch button and gear switch are through a single button, and the mode cannot be adjusted when the machine is turned on. It is not very convenient for novices/elderly people, and will not be confused about how to operate.

    Travel carry Water Flosser

    3.Aiwejay-Mini portable review summary

    The Aiwejay-Mini portable Water Flosser is officially called the “elf” in the pocket. Although this product has a small size, it does not have the characteristics of high-frequency pulses and retractable water tanks. The volume of the product is smaller than that of the traditional Water Flosser, the weight is also lighter, and it fits the palm better. According to reports, the Aiwejay-Mini portable Water Flosser is smaller than a mobile phone and can be easily taken out in a bag.

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