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Children’s Smart Voice Electric Toothbrush C1

● Product name: Children’s Music Electric Toothbrush CA

● Waterproof rating : IPX7

● Rated power : 1W ±0.7W

● Charging time : 4 hours

● Battery capacity : 400mAh NiMH battery

● Material : Main body ABS material, DuPont Bristles


Built-in Hidden Usb Charging , Children’s Electric Toothbrush That Can Sing C1

Intelligent identification of the wrong brushing posture, guide the child to brush in the correct way
Mode lock, avoid the child randomly switch brushing mode
Wrong posture prompt mode: sound alarm (sound), light flashing (light), vibration induction (electricity)
Children’s brush head, soft gingival
The mainstream USB type-c charging port is faster

Product parameters C1:

Brand Name Aiwejay Electric Toothbrush OEM ODM Customer Brand
Bristles Dupont 0.152mm soft Bristle
Motor Vibration motor
Waterproof IPX7 Waterproof
Vibration About 30,000 times / minute
Modes cleaning / care / beauty white
Available colors blue/pink/red
Material Main body ABS material, DuPont wool
Voltage 3.2V~4.2V
Smart timer 2 minutes smart timer 30s swift area

Advantage C1:

1. The world’s first intelligent stray recognition electric toothbrush

(3 kinds of warning modes to help children change the wrong way of brushing). Mistakes prompt mode: sound alarm (sound), light flashing (light), vibration sensing (electric)

2. Simple design, stylish and colorful (hidden gear switch LED light breathing display)

3. Low noise design, brush your teeth more peace of mind

4. IPX7 waterproof design, no worries

5. Intelligent timing & oral multi-directional cleaning (2 minutes smart brushing time, 30 seconds smart zone reminder)

6. Magnetic suspension sonic motor, low noise, long life, strong power (30000 times / minute high frequency sound wave vibration, 220gf / cm continuous power output)

7. Smart charging program (host chip equipped with smart charging solution, color light tips)

8. Typec interface charging, charging is convenient and portable, charging speed is fast

9. Up to 30 days of battery life

10. The United States high-uality DuPont bristles and curved appearance, fit the teeth healthier


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