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Ice Cool Laser Hair Removal Epilator

● Product name:IPL Laser Hair Removal

● Product color: white

● Radiation times: 600,000 times

● Optical radiation energy: 2-4.8J/cm

● Light source type: pulsed light

● Gear adjustment: 5 gear adjustment

● Input voltage:100V-240V 50Hz~60Hz


Beauty Ice Cool Laser Hair Removal Epilator/Ice Cool Laser Hair Removal instrument manufacturer/ODM Development Customized

Quality Laser Hair Removal Painless Hair Removal Machine Ipl Laser Hair Removal Machine

  • Ice Cool Laser Hair Removal Epilator 7 Functional Selling Points:
  1. One button switch, convenient and fast.
  2. Detachable cutter head, faucet directly rinse, easy to clean.
  3. LCD display, display charging, remaining power.
  4. USB socket portable charging, mobile power, adapter, computer and other sockets can be charged.
  5. Reduce noise processing, quiet operation; low noise design, use anytime, anywhere, not obvious.
  6. The body material uses safe plastic, please feel free to use.
  7. The three-knife integrated skin fits, and the cutter heads on both sides can be cut.
  • Specifications:
  1. 【More Flash Times】: 600,000 Flashes for longer use time.
  2. 【LCD Display】: Providing the clear information about the working modes, remaining flashes and power levels.
  3. 【Two Operation Modes】: Automatic and manual modes for the different skin area.
  4. 【Painless】: Five Adjustable level according to the skin tolerance. Providing the gentle treatment painlessly and easily , without hurting the skin.
  5. 【Fast and suitable treatment area 】: 4.3 square cm spot size not too big or neither too small for any body curve, high efficiency and fast speed that just takes several minutes to remove the overlapping regin hair which is difficult for traditional hair removal method.
  6. 【Permanent】: IPL works inside pores, destroys hair papilla, thus achieves permanent hair removal
  7. 【Long Life】: Quartz Lamp for hair removal is more stable.
  8. 【Safety And Convenient】: No influence on normal sweat and sebum secretin,Smaller size for Portable design and easy taken.
  • How to use?
  1. Shaving the hair
  2. Connect with electricity
  3. Adjust the suitable level
  4. Put on the glasses
  5. Close to the skin vertically and press the button
  • Feature
    1.Ice cool skin rejuvenation
    2.5 energy level (1-2-3-4-5) for 3 cm2 head
    3.Fast and painless. Faster with a large light area, protects the skin from burns.
    4.Intelligent cooling system. Used for intelligent sensing, which greatly reduces the complexity of operation.


  • Ice Cool Laser Hair Removal Epilator  FAQ:
  1. Q1: Can it remove hair more effectively if burning hair more intensely ?
  2. A1: No, High effect IPL energy wave enable hair enter dormancy period and remove hair gradually ,enhance safety and comfort .
  3. Q2: Can it be used for men ?
  4. A2: Hair Parts of body below arm can be removed with it for men (such as breast, waist,arm,belly ,legs) don’t suggest to use on face ,neck and can’t use on genital area.
  5. Q3: Can Pregnant woman or young people use it ?
  6. A3 : Pregnant woman can’t use it , young people should use it under guidance of adult furthmore need read instruction manual.
  7. Q4: Can I get better effect if use it in higher usage rate?
  8. A4: No, if use it frequently ,will increase skin allergy risk, please follow our suggested week to use it .
  9. Q5: Can I use it after pulling hair by force or after using depilatory paste ?
  10. A5: No, after pulling hair by force skin will become sensitive ,after applying depilatory past, will generate irritant feeling
  11. Q6: Can it be used on black skin ?
  12. A6: No, It can’t
  • Packaging Details
  1. Color box size: 24.8 * 16.2 * 8.5cm
  2. Gross weight: 830g
  3. Packing quantity: 20pcs
  4. Carton size: 50 * 33 * 40cm
  5. Gross weight: 17.5KGS
  • Product Description
NameIPL Laser Hair Removal
Instrument principleIPL Laser technology
Lamp tube life600,000 times
Irradiation sourcePulsed Light
Light Exit ModeAutomatic / Manual
Working modePlug-in type
Input voltage100V-240V 50Hz~60Hz
Gear Setting5 Gear Adjustable
Delivery time3-10 days
ApplicationArms, Legs, Face, Armpit



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