Men’s usb fast charging sonic electric toothbrush u3

●Product name: Adults Sonic Toothbrush metal body U3

●Waterproof rating : IPX7

●Charge Port: Type-C

●Charging time : 4 hours

●Battery: 800mAh

●Material : Aluminum Magnesium Alloy, DuPont Brushs

Adults men’s Sonic Toothbrush/metal body/Usb-c fast charging/charging 4 times faster than wireless charging

Dupont brush imported from the United States, no copper sheet hair technology,Suitable for gentleman

Product parameters:

Brand NameAiwejay Electric Toothbrush OEM ODM Customer Brand
BristlesDupont 0.152mm soft Bristles
MotorVibration motor
WaterproofIPX7 Waterproof
VibrationAbout 30,000 times / minute
Modescleaning / care / beauty white
Available colorsblue/pink/red
MaterialMain Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Material
Charge Voltage 5V-1A
Smart timer2 minutes smart timer 30s swift area


Core Advantage:

High quality aluminum magnesium alloy material, light luxury texture
Dupont brush imported from the United States, no copper sheet hair technology
Usb-c fast charging, charging 4 times faster than wireless charging
Intelligent memory function 2 minutes intelligent brushing time
Brush head with copper-free hair planting technology is not easy to breed bacteria

Accessories include:

1 toothbrush main machine
1 Copper-Free brush head
1 Type-c 80CM charging cable
1 copy of instruction manual
Note: customized packaging and accessories for further information


FDA, FCC, CE, RoHS, PSE etc certificates; All products have reached the industry IPX8 level of the whole body waterproof standard,

and through the China authoritative institutions of microbial testing and quality certification.

The above products can be customized OEM/ODM, please contact the sales staff for details.

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