U2 Anchor-free Toothbrush

● Product name: Adults Sonic Toothbrush Anchor-free U2

● Waterproof rating : IPX7

● Charge Port: Type-C

● Charging time : 4 hours

● Battery: 800mAh

● Material : Main body ABS material, DuPont Brush

Sleek Minimalist Design / Ipx7 Waterproof Design / Intelligent Timing  Manufacturer /wholesale Supplier / Oem

Low Noise Design / Brush Your Teeth More Peace Of Mind / Customized ODM

Product parameters:

Brand NameAiwejay Electric Toothbrush OEM ODM Customer Brand
BristlesDupont soft bristles brush head
MotorVibration motor
WaterproofIPX7 Waterproof
VibrationAbout 30,000 times / minute
Modescleaning / care / beauty white
Available colorsblue/pink/red
MaterialMain body ABS material, DuPont wool
Smart timer2 minutes smart timer 30s swift area


USB type-c standard universal interface, copperless hair grafting technology
minimalist design, new acoustic
wave drive motor, only one can be charged, charging
faster than wireless charging 400%