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Indian Oral Brand, Purchased S5 Electric Toothbrush Case

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    According to the survey, China’s toothbrush import and export still maintains a trade surplus. In 2020, China’s toothbrush imports will be 369 million, and China’s toothbrush exports will be 5.03 billion in 2020. The export areas are mainly the United States, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, India, etc. land.

    Aiwejay is a well-known electric toothbrush ODM/OEM manufacturer in China.

    We are proud to announce that BASER, an Indian customer, has purchased our Aiwejay S5 electric toothbrush through our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to cater to the Indian market.

    S5 Electric Toothbrush
    S5 Electric Toothbrush

    1. S5 electric toothbrush is very cost-effective


    The Aiwejay S5 electric toothbrush is undoubtedly the most representative in terms of cost performance. It has 23 inspection processes and a 100% inspection rate. It can achieve synchronous control of price and quality. The s5 electric toothbrush is super cost-effective. Affordable and easy to occupy a more favorable position in the low-end market in India.

    2. Mini lightweight body design


    Compared with other electric toothbrushes on the market, the Aiwejay S5 electric toothbrush, the body adopts mini design, the body is ergonomically designed, the body diameter is 17.8mm, and the back of the body adopts a unique bump anti-slip design, which can have more Good grip, new Type-C charging interface, convenient charging, bottom cover waterproof can achieve IPX7 waterproof performance.

    3. Powerful cleaning ability


    The 16mini mini powerful motor can generate 22,000 rpm high-frequency vibration, accurately transfer kinetic energy to the top of each bristle, turn on the three-speed mode with one key, switch freely, and cooperate with the preferred DuPont soft electric toothbrush bristles, accurate and effective cleaning deep in the mouth .

    Aiwejay S5 electric toothbrush is undoubtedly the first choice for cost performance and appearance. Aiwejay supports OEM OEM customization of electric toothbrushes, cross-border foreign trade, drop shipping, gift customization, group purchasing and other services, welcome to inquire. 【Aiwejay】

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