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Shenzhen water floss custom, water floss custom OEM ODM

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    People pay more and more attention to daily oral health and care. Improper brushing methods will also seriously affect oral health problems. Electric toothbrushes and small household appliances related to oral health have gradually become popular in recent years. . If you want to create your own brand of water floss, it is undoubtedly the most worry-free to find a water floss factory for custom OEM/ODM.

    Introduction of Water Floss Factory

    Shenzhen Weijie Intelligent Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive service manufacturer of water flossers with design, R&D, production and after-sales capabilities, facing global brands and distributors. With independent intellectual property rights and the world’s leading water flossing technology, the products have won more than 30+ patented technologies and international certifications such as FDA, FCC, CE, RoHS, and PSE.

    Technical certificate

    (Certification authority)

    It has long-term cooperative OEM production with many well-known overseas brands, and has long-term cooperative relations with China Resources Vanguard, Tianhong Shopping Mall, Transsion Group and other multi-brand production cooperative relations. It has a plant area of ​​2,000 square meters and more than 200 full-time employees. Products are exported to the world with monthly shipments The volume is 500,000 pcs/month, integrating production, sales and R&D.

    Water floss OEM cooperation mode


    1. Provide a choice of existing styles, more than 30 private models, and logo customization.

    2. Private custom styles, new product development/ODM

    3. Customized production with samples, standardized production and foundry, and strictly control product quality

    4. Diversified channel authorization, support for e-commerce cooperation, gift customization, professional channel authorization, first-line corporate procurement

    Shenzhen Weijie smart water floss manufacturer. Professionally customizing various styles of water flossers, integrity, strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry, and provide one-stop in-depth ODM/OEM cooperation services. Welcome interested bosses to come and cooperate.

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