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The advantages of children’s U-shaped electric toothbrushes

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    The health of children’s teeth is the concern of young parents. Preventing dental health problems is the focus of protecting toothbrushes. The advantages of children’s U-shaped electric toothbrushes.


    Children brushing teeth
    Children brushing teeth


    1.U-shaped brush head can clean teeth in 360 degrees


    The biggest difference between U-shaped electric toothbrushes and ordinary sonic electric toothbrushes is the design of the brush head. The 360-degree brush head of the U-shaped electric toothbrush can be cleaned 360° without blind spots. More than 2000 softer bristles give the teeth baby-like care.


    2.Easier to clean the teeth with the Pap method


    It is not an exaggeration to say that the U-shaped electric toothbrush was born for the Pap brushing method. Most children just simply brush the outer layer when using a traditional toothbrush. The electric U-shaped brush head can cover the entire tooth without any effort and is convenient to use. ,effective. The bristles of the U-shaped electric toothbrush are arranged in 15-45. Normal brushing is the 45° scientific Pap brushing method and 360° full package, which closely fits all surfaces of the teeth.


    3.High-frequency low-vibration sonic motor for children


    The motor specially developed for children’s U-shaped toothbrush has higher left and right vibration frequency and better cleaning power. The special low-vibration ultrasonic motor for children has a smaller swing range of the brush head to protect children’s oral cavity. There is a better guarantee on brushing your teeth cleanly.


    4.How to use U-shaped electric toothbrush?


    1. Align the small brush head to the body of the toothbrush and insert it into the motor shaft
    2. Let the baby squeeze the toothpaste evenly on both sides of the brush head and squeeze it on the bristles
    3. Put the mouth in the mouth and start the toothbrush after the mouth is wet
    4. Brush left and right back and forth to let the toothbrush clean the teeth, the frequency of back and forth is 10-60/time per minute
    5. Intelligent timing, the toothbrush will automatically stop after 1 minute of brushing to complete brushing
    6. Finally, rinse your mouth with clean water, then rinse with water, wash your head, and put it back into the base for disinfection.


    All in all: There are many advantages of children’s U-shaped electric toothbrush, which can protect children’s dental health.


    U-shaped electric toothbrush products

    U-shaped electric toothbrush products

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