Strong Research And Development

You know, we often release new products, derived from our independent research and development capabilities.

Electric Toothbrush Industrial Design
  • Industrial Design

Simple and beautiful design

Our electric toothbrushes are designed on the basis of engineering, aesthetics and economics, which are environmentally friendly, beautiful, easy to use, and ergonomic.

  • Mechanical Design

Practical and efficient cleaning toothbrush

The structure design of the electric toothbrush is designed for the internal structure and mechanical parts of the product; an easy-to-use, clean and efficient automatic toothbrush must first be practical.

Electric toothbrush mechanical design
High-performance electric toothbrush motor
  • Sonic motor

Self-developed and produced sonic motor

Aiwejay Micro DC ultrasonic motor, strong power, low noise, stable performance, large torque, long use time, wide application range.

Electric toothbrush APP development

Smart electric toothbrush Application, with the function of Bluetooth connection to the mobile phone APP. An APP developed based on the game interface and the six-axis gyroscope algorithm, which can perceive the brushing angle, the brushing time of each tooth, etc

Fun tooth brushing game for children