Many children develop tooth decay early on, which makes their mothers very worried. Electric toothbrushes can effectively clean teeth and prevent tooth decay. There are electric toothbrushes for children on the market, mainly ordinary electric toothbrushes for children, and U-shaped electric toothbrushes. U-shaped toothbrushes vs. Electric Toothbrush: Which Is Better? Which brush is clean?

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U shaped toothbrushes

1.The benefits of using children’s U-shaped electric toothbrushes

The biggest advantage of using a U-shaped electric toothbrush for children lies in its U-shaped brush head. The U-shaped brush head uses two layers of bristles from the top and bottom, which completely contains two rows of teeth. The U-shaped toothbrush can be well in line with the scientific Pap brushing method.

The second advantage is that the U-shaped toothbrush has a cute design and is comfortable to brush. Can make children like brushing their teeth. Children learn to brush their teeth diligently and on time to make the toothbrush cleaner and healthier.

The third advantage is that it is easy to operate independently and easily complete the brushing. Before using, rinse the brush head with water, apply the toothpaste to the groove part of the brush head, and hold it in the mouth. Press the switch and shake to clean the teeth. It’s fast and makes it easy for babies to fall in love with brushing.

The U-shaped brush head designed with reference to the ergonomic jaw design can better cover the teeth and automatically produce foam without falling down in every corner of the mouth.

Realize 360-degree fast cleaning in all directions without dead corners, and with sonic tooth cleaning, it can remove multiple plaques.

Children Electric Toothbrush

2.The advantages and disadvantages of using ordinary children’s electric toothbrushes

Since children’s oral cavity and teeth are still in the growth stage, and are relatively fragile and sensitive, ordinary electric toothbrushes are not suitable for children to use, and it is easy to cause children’s oral injuries.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a special electric toothbrush for children with larger handle, smaller brush head and softer bristles. Secondly, choose an electric toothbrush with timer function and zone change reminder, which helps guide children to master the correct brushing time.

Although ordinary children’s electric toothbrushes meet the above conditions, the coverage of ordinary toothbrush heads is single and cannot effectively remove the blind spots in the oral cavity. U-shaped toothbrushes can effectively make up for the above disadvantages.

3.It is recommended that children choose U-shaped electric toothbrushes

Through the above comparative analysis, children use U-shaped electric toothbrushes better than ordinary electric toothbrushes.

Mainly reflected in the U-shaped toothbrush brushing method is more scientific, cute design, easier for children to use.