Aiwejay is a large wholesaler of Water Flosser, Oral Irrigator, and Water Flosser accessories in Shenzhen china, providing portable Water Flosser wholesale, desktop Water Flosser wholesale first-hand source, welcome brand, as well as channel business cooperation.

Portable Water Flosser

1、 Water Flosser wholesale in china

Water Flosser is a stylish personal care product. Water Flosser wholesale in china,The common Water Flosser on the market is Portable Rechargeable Water Flosser, Desktop Water Flosser. The best-selling device at the moment is the portable Water Flosser. Aiwejay offers two of the above types of Water Flosser, a total of 5 Water Flosser wholesale.

More new products, Aiwejay has been committed to the independent research and development, can be provided to domestic and foreign brands Sticker.
We are Professional Water Flosser/Professional Production Water Flosser. Designed for export/aliexpress amazon, supermarkets, dental clinics. All the company’s products through professional testing certification, products through the FDA/FCC/CE/RHOS/ETL/CQC/TUV/UL and other related export certification, testing.

2、 Advantages of Our Water Flosser

High Performance Impulse Interactive and Pressurized Die Punching System


Upgraded Portable Water Flosser

More stylish look √
More reasonable storage structure √
Lighter weight √
Stronger Configuration √
More close to palm design √

IPX7 complete machine waterproof, IPX7 depth waterproof, body washable fearless flush water
Delicate 0.06mm water flow, 0.6mm water column, easy to wash away the dental plaque and food residue in the hidden part of the mouth like a mini high-pressure water gun, for the gap, gingival line and other parts, a rush is clean.
Over30 days is more convenient

Upgrade the patent technology of water pump
Pulsed Cleaning Force Technology, Pulsed Jet Flow 1400/min, High Frequency Pulses
170 ML large capacity water tank,
Three-step frequency conversion cleaning mode, double-step six-step nursing mode, switch to child/rehabilitation mode
Memory function

Mix the cross water column to wash, one key instant pressurization release pulse energy, achieve traditional sonic toothbrush can not complete the depth of cleaning effect.

Water Flosser manufacturer

3、 The core advantages of Aiwejay-Water Flosser’s research and development:

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