Because electric toothbrushes are generally used in the bathroom, work for a long time and are placed in a humid environment, and during use, occasionally need to soak in water, and the waterproof protection of the internal circuits and internal parts of the electric toothbrush is particularly important. Most of the realization of waterproof electric toothbrush is achieved through the cooperation of waterproof sealant (dispensing process), waterproof sealing ring, and electric toothbrush waterproof membrane.

1. Waterproof sealant (dispensing process)

The electric toothbrush shell is one-time injection molding, which will retain the key hole and the opening at both ends. The electric toothbrush key and the charging port need to be sealed with sealant. To achieve the waterproof effect, it is not as simple as simple adhesion. It also requires a worker’s electric toothbrush air tightness detector or an electric toothbrush waterproof tester to test the waterproof performance.

2. Waterproof sealing ring

The waterproof sealing ring is generally used for the connection of the motor bearing on the top of the electric toothbrush, as well as the bottom. The sealing ring can not only play a waterproof role, but also play a role in easy cleaning, inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, and improve the life of the electric toothbrush.

3. Electric toothbrush waterproof membrane

The electric toothbrush breathable film also has waterproof performance, and is set for the discharge of heat generated by the battery, the motor (motor) and the circuit board during operation. To adjust the balance of internal and external pressure, to achieve the role of ventilation

Full body washable electric toothbrush

Summary: The high-quality waterproof performance of electric toothbrushes is inseparable from the waterproof level test, which is also the best touchstone. Generally, electric toothbrushes have IPX5 waterproof level. The waterproof level of electric toothbrushes reaches IPX7, which means that the whole body can be immersed in water, that is, usually everyone The water immersion time of the whole-body washable electric toothbrush refers to the requirement of not entering water within the time range of 30 minutes under the condition of 1 meter water depth.

Aiwejay Waterproof Electric Compression Test

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