Corresponding to the previous article, children can use water flosser. The basic function of water flosser is to clean the food residue between the teeth through the jet of water. For the development of children’s teeth, what are the benefits of using water flosser for children? and the downside?

Children dental health

1. Water flosser can effectively remove bacteria and plaque in children

There are different types of bacteria and they are usually found between the teeth. If you brush your teeth, you only clean the superficial areas of your teeth. However, between your teeth, there will still be plaque and bacteria. The water flosser mainly targets these areas.

By pulsing the water, the device cleans plaque and bacteria.

The water flosser is what we clean between our teeth. Whether it’s deciduous or permanent, using a water flosser is the best way to keep the surfaces between your teeth clean. A toothbrush alone does not remove plaque and bacteria between teeth. If the water flosser is not used correctly, your child is at a higher risk of developing tooth decay and gingivitis.

2. Water flosser can quickly clean teeth

When cleaning your child’s teeth, you want to do it in a short amount of time. If this is important to you, you should use a water flosser. This device is designed to get the job done quickly. Is water flosser useful for kids? Yes, it’s good, partly because it’s easy to use.

The process is really fast. If your child has braces, the water flosser will save you valuable time, and using the water flosser doesn’t seem like a chore. With this device, you can clean your child’s teeth and braces in minutes.

3. Children use water flosser to increase oral health awareness

When your child is ready to be more independent through brushing and using a water flosser, you can help by monitoring and encouraging good oral health awareness. School-aged children may also start orthodontic treatment, making brushing and using a water flosser more difficult.

Parents are advised to brush their preschool children’s teeth before age 7 to 8 and supervise school-age children’s brushing and water flosser skills.

children water flosser

4. The disadvantages of using water flosser for children are suggested to be cautious in the following situations:

Braces or other orthodontic appliances that may interfere with orthodontic treatment and cause adverse effects

Bleeding gums when using water flosser, pay attention to stop using water flosser

Sensitive teeth, adverse reactions to water flosser

On the whole, there are still many benefits for children to use water flosser. It can effectively clean teeth, save time, and be convenient to use, which is conducive to cultivating children’s oral health awareness. If children use water flosser, there is a disadvantage, it is recommended to use it diligently.