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What is electric toothbrush inductive charging? Principle Interpretation

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    When buying electric toothbrushes, many friends pay great attention to waterproof performance and safety. The waterproof performance and safety of electric toothbrushes are related to the durability of electric toothbrushes. Among them, the charging method has a great relationship with waterproofing. Electric toothbrushes on the market Charging is mainly divided into two categories, one is inductive charging, electric toothbrush, and the other is traditional Type-C, USB, DC charging.

    U4 Inductive Charging 1
    U4 Inductive Charging 1

    1. Inductive charging

    The so-called inductive charging is non-contact charging. Simply speaking, it is the principle of magnetic generation. The electric toothbrush has a charging base and an electromagnetic induction coil inside the toothbrush. After the base is contacted and energized, the current will be converted into a magnetic field, and the induction coil at the bottom of the electric toothbrush will sense the change in the magnetic field, which can re-convert the current into electricity and store it in the electric toothbrush battery.

    2. Advantages and disadvantages of inductive charging

    Because it is inductive charging, there will be a little energy loss during the charging process, and the charging power will be relatively low. Now it will be slower for wired charging, but it will be convenient and safe to use, with higher appearance and waterproof effect. To better, the user experience is convenient.

    3. Traditional wire-charged electric toothbrush Type C‍, USB, DC charging

    In the traditional charging method, the charging wire will contact the electric toothbrush by itself, and the charging interface of the electric toothbrush will be directly exposed and directly connected to the wire.

    4. Advantages and disadvantages of traditional charging methods

    Fast charging speed and stable charging

    Summary: Electric toothbrushes are generally used in the bathroom, which is relatively humid and has better waterproof performance. Among them, the induction charging electric toothbrush is undoubtedly the best choice in terms of waterproof performance.

    Shenzhen Aiwejay inductive rechargeable toothbrush can achieve IPX7 waterproof performance, the whole body can be washed, and the water depth of 1 meter can be waterproof for 30 minutes.

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