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What kind of people is Water Flosser suitable for?

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    What kind of people is Water Flosser suitable for? Who is suitable for the dental flusher?What kind of person is Water Flosser suitable for? Many friends often encounter similar problems when considering Water Flosser. The following Aiwejay editor will introduce to you who is Water Flosser suitable for?

    Water Flosser-W01
    Water Flosser-W01

    1. Water Flosser is suitable for the elderly:

    Generally speaking, young people’s teeth are arranged tightly and the gap between the teeth is small. It is better to use dental floss to remove debris in the interdental space. The gap between the teeth of middle-aged and elderly people is larger, and it is easier to remove food residues between the teeth with Water Flosser. Compared with toothpicks, the biggest advantage of Water Flosser is that no matter how it is used, it will not damage the tooth surface or periodontal. Toothpicks can not only affect the tooth surface or periodontal, but also make the gap between the teeth bigger and bigger. There are more opportunities to stuff your teeth.

    2. Water Flosser is suitable for pregnant women

    Pregnant women can use Water Flosser. The frequency of Water Flosser is low, and it will not affect the development of the fetus and the body of the pregnant woman. Water Flosser can effectively remove the food residue and soft dirt on the adjacent surfaces of the teeth, and make the surface of the teeth smooth. It can prevent the occurrence of caries and the formation of dental calculus, and make the mouth smell fresh. Because the growth and development of the fetus need to take in a lot of nutrients, pregnant women eat more often, and it is difficult to brush their teeth in time after a meal. Water Flosser can easily and quickly remove foreign bodies in the oral cavity. It can be used in conjunction with toothpicks and dental floss. Better results.

    3. Water Flosser is suitable for orthodontists with braces

    People with orthodontic braces use it. It is a good helper for braces crowd. It can clean the bacteria and residues near the braces and alveolar. It can better wash the gaps between braces and teeth. It is a good helper for braces crowd.

    After orthodontics, if the teeth are not cleaned after a meal, the steel wire, brackets, etc. are always easily blocked by rice grains, vegetable leaves, and shredded pork, which is not only uncomfortable, but also affects the image. The pulsed water jet sprayed by the Water Flosser can effectively remove plaque in areas that are difficult to clean with the toothbrush, and will not shake the brackets due to too much force.

    4. People with dental implants or dentures:

    Good oral hygiene maintenance is the key to the success of periodontal disease treatment and reducing recurrence. However, people who wear dentures or implants will have poor oral self-cleaning ability, and the gums around dentures or implants are likely to be swollen or inflamed. .

    5. Suitable for white-collar workers who generally love toothbrushes

    Suitable for people who use electric toothbrushes extensively, such as those with yellow teeth, plaque, and tea stains. Water Flosser combined with electric toothbrush can effectively protect teeth. Water Flosser can clean the gaps between the teeth that cannot be brushed with the electric toothbrush.

    Water Flosser manufacturer

    Advantages of Water Flosser manufacturer Aiwejay:

    Gentle mode:
    Gentle water pressure, gentle cleaning, suitable for first-time users with sensitive teeth

    Cleaning mode:
    Standard water pressure, efficient cleaning meets the daily cleaning of most people

    Pulse mode:
    Alternate strength and weakness, pulse deep cleansing and massage the gums

    types of nozzles meet the needs of various scenarios

    Tongue scraping, suitable for most people to wash tongue coating
    Orthodontic nozzle, suitable for orthodontic people to clean braces
    Conventional nozzle, suitable for general cleaning needs of people over 6 years old

    Easily clean your teeth, you can V plaque with one flush, fresh breath, avoid embarrassment

    √Replace the traditional dental floss tool, effectively remove the residue between teeth
    √Easy to operate, easy to operate and use for the elderly and children

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