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When technology meets teeth, new trends in electric toothbrush technology

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    Since the Swiss doctor (Philippe-Guy Woog) invented the first electric toothbrush in 1954, the technology of electric toothbrush has been improved for half a century, and the technology has developed by leaps and bounds. Looking forward to the new technology of electric toothbrushes and mass production for your reference.

    The first technology trend is: electric toothbrushes interact with mobile APP to brush teeth.

    Electric toothbrush APP technology
    Electric toothbrush APP technology

    The electric toothbrush connects to the mobile APP through Bluetooth technology to ensure that you brush your teeth correctly, and records the brushing data, brushing time and brushing frequency, allowing your dentist to peek at your brushing habits and personalize your brushing.

    Your every brushing will be tracked, data collected and progress graphed, while giving you real-time guidance on how to get the job done faster and better.

    The electric toothbrush APP “tracks users’ oral care habits through the interaction of electric toothbrushes and APPs to help improve users’ oral health. It is believed that it will have a significant impact on the future of personal oral care, providing data-based solutions for oral health, and Make the relationship between dental professionals and patients more collaborative.

    The second technology trend: electric toothbrush fully automatic brushing technology

    Automatic tooth brushing technology diagram
    Automatic tooth brushing technology diagram

    The advantages of fully automatic tooth brushing technology are mainly:

    Ease of use: no need to move your hands. You don’t need to be diligent. You just press a button.

    Brush cleanly: General electric toothbrushes are often not comprehensive due to the user’s habit of brushing. The fully automatic electric toothbrush solves the problem of the user brushing the toothbrush to clean the whole mouth, and realizes more convenient brushing.

    Efficient time saving:

    More efficient, compared to the 2-minute brushing of an ordinary electric toothbrush, the automatic brushing only takes 30 seconds. It is a great tool for office workers in a hurry.

    Learn more about fully automatic brushing technology

    The founder of electric toothbrush manufacturer Aiwejay: Mr. Shi Weimin said about the realization of fully automatic tooth brushing with electric toothbrushes, “The main difficulty of fully automatic toothbrushes lies in the implantation of hair, and the silicone brush heads on the market are all used, just like our cute calf U-shaped electric toothbrush. , we are 360-degree hair planting, which is currently the biggest difficulty in the industry”

    Demonstration of fully automatic tooth brushing technology

    The third technology trend: electric toothbrush blue cold light whitening technology

    Blue cold light whitening technology
    Blue cold light whitening technology

    Cold light whitening teeth has always been a medical-grade tooth cleaning technology. Electric toothbrush cold light whitening teeth technology is to integrate cold light whitening into electric toothbrush. The technical principle:

    Blue wavelengths of light can kill oral bacteria that can lead to gum disease. Over time, the same blue light also helps to whiten teeth with continued use. Red wavelengths of light stimulate collagen secretion, regenerate gum tissue, reduce inflammation and prevent gingivitis. This helps create stronger, healthier gums.

    The above is what Aiwejay edited: the new trend of electric toothbrush technology. With the development of technology, more high-end tooth cleaning technology can be realized on small electric toothbrushes. I hope to help everyone popularize the technology trend of electric toothbrushes in recent years.

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