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Who are the best brands of household water flossers in 2022?

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    Water flosser can be a good substitute for toothpicks. More and more families are using Water flosser. Which brand of Water flosser is the best for household use in 2022?


    Many people need to use toothpicks to pick up food residues between their teeth after eating. Today’s Water flosser can replace toothpicks very well. What Aiwejay is going to talk about is which brand of household Water flosser is good.

    The water flosser is easier and healthier to use than a toothpick. The household water flosser uses the water column generated under pressure to wash the gap between the teeth, and the food residue remaining in the gap is washed away by the impact force. It can be used with confidence, it will not damage the teeth, and the cleaning effect is better.

    Water flosser is divided into household desktop Water flosser and portable Water flosser. Portable Water flosser is suitable for people who often go out. Household water flosser has higher water pressure and better cleaning effect.

    Which brand of water flosser is good for home use in 2022?

    Benchtop Water flosser

    What the editor wants to talk about is the domestic water flosser for home use. Although foreign brands have been doing it for a long time, the technology of domestic oral products is increasingly advanced, and it is no less than foreign products, not to mention the higher cost performance. The recommended brand of household Water flosser – “Aiwejay” .


    Aiwejay—Home desktop series Water flosser Product introduction: Home desktop Water flosser can be used by the whole family by changing the spout. One machine can be used by multiple people. The water tank capacity is 700ml. One box of water is enough for the family to use once.


    With an advanced electronic control system, the operation is simple and convenient, and the water pressure is suitable, which can wash out the food debris in the position that the toothbrush cannot brush. And can massage the gums to make teeth healthier. The working noise is small, the handle noise is less than 80dB (the ring mirror noise is 49dB).

    In terms of cost performance, it is also much higher than other brands. Factory direct sales. If you have any problems, you can directly find the factory for after-sales, and the after-sales attitude is good.

    People who use Water flosser for the first time will feel that there is more residue in the teeth than expected, and the cleaning ability is better than expected.

    When choosing a household water flosser brand, considering that it is a household type, it should be safe and reliable in material selection, durable and rough in quality, and choosing a good manufacturer to buy is conducive to future after-sales and maintenance.

    Desktop Water Flosser

    There are not many brands of domestic water flosser manufacturers, among which Aiwejay Technology Co., Ltd. is a better one.

    AiwejayWater flosser manufacturers, R & D, production and sales in one. Exported to Europe and the United States, powerful manufacturers, I believe that the quality has passed the test, and you can use it with confidence. The above is the whole content of “Which brand of household Water flosser is good” provided by Aiwejay Water flosser manufacturers, I hope you can help you.

    Aiwejay provides Water flosseroem water flossers OEM, odm OEM production, and wholesale services. Welcome to consult online customer service to learn more!

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