Copper-free hair grafting technology is the leading technology of toothbrush in the world. Because of its less harm to the oral cavity and higher stability, it has been recognized by many enterprises and consumers.


However, in China, the technology of copper-free wool planting has just been promoted. The main reason is that the cost of the production machine for non-copper wool planting is too high. It is still in the early stage of popularization of this technology in China. Most consumers and even manufacturers do not know the wool planting technology, so it will take some time to popularize this technology in China. Consumers need time to get to know each other.

In the past, the brush on toothbrush was fixed on the brush head, which needed to be fixed on the brush head after tightening the brush hair with metal. The disadvantages of this method are: first, the brush is easy to fall off, because it is bundled, many brush hair are fixed together, some of them will inevitably fall off; second, the copper sheet is easy to rust, after a long time of use, the copper sheet rusting will cause secondary pollution and damage to the oral cavity.

Copper-free wool planting technology refers to fixing the brush hair on the brush head by hot melting technology. The brush treated by hot melt technology is very stable once it is cooled down. At the same time, because the material used in non-copper wool planting is brush material, rust and other situations are avoided.

Electric toothbrushes, especially acoustic electric toothbrushes, use high-frequency vibration to generate bubbles for oral cleaning. In the process of high frequency vibration, the stability of copper sheet is easily challenged by using traditional copper sheet wool planting technology, resulting in bristle drop. The brush with hot melt technology is more stable, so the electric toothbrush is more suitable than the ordinary toothbrush for the use of copper-free hair implant technology.