wireless charging electric toothbrush solution, High integration of chip and Circuit circuits, reducing BOM cost, low-cost mass production

Internal structure of electric toothbrush

Internal structure of electric toothbrush


Electric toothbrushes are new products that have emerged in recent years. Compared with ordinary toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes are more scientific and effective. Electric toothbrushes produce high-frequency vibrations in the brush head through the rapid rotation or vibration of the motor core.
Electric toothbrushes have cleaning ability and feel Comfort, fun experience, reduced damage, whitening and beauty, and ease of use are six major advantages. However, electric toothbrushes are often exposed to water and have high requirements for waterproofing. Most electric toothbrushes need to be equipped with wireless charging.


Wireless charging circuit board design

Wireless charging circuit board design

1. Program introduction


1.1 Wireless charging transmitter

Receive and decode RX command
Control and adjust output power

1.2 Wireless charging receiver and toothbrush control

Use wireless charging
Send RX command to feedback charging current
Lithium battery charge and discharge management
Mode and power management
MOS full-bridge motor drive circuit
Adjustable motor frequency and strength, multiple working modes

1.3 Wireless charging parameters

TX coil diameter 15mm
RX coil diameter 13mm
Coil copper wire diameter 0.2mm*2
Coil Q value 30 (test conditions 100KHZ/1V)
Coil inductance 15uH
Rated charging current 120mA

2. MCU specifications

• 1T 8051 Core MCU
•18KB Flash
• Working frequency up to 25MHz
• Working voltage 2.4V~5.5V
•Working temperature -40 ℃~105 ℃
• TSSOP20/28 package
• 10-channel 10-bit ADC, conversion speed up to 300KHz
• 8-channel 12-bit PWM, clock up to 25MHz


3. Advantages of Aiwejay wireless charging electric toothbrush solution

RX-side MCU integrates three functions of wireless charging and receiving, battery charging and discharging management and toothbrush motor control, single-chip solution
TX-side MCU integrates three functions of wireless charging transmission, charging current feedback analysis and charging power adjustment, single-chip solution
TX end has over-current protection function, TX and RX end can be added with over-temperature and over-current protection functions according to customer needs
The TX end can adjust the output power to facilitate mass production and reduce the impact of the system due to the consistency errors of other components
High integration of X and RX circuits, reducing BOM cost

Final summary:

If you are looking for electric toothbrush charging technology solutions, welcome to contact Aiwejay, we are China’s top electric toothbrush manufacturer with independent core technology